Day 25/25 of Tumblr Writing Challenge

Day 25: Today, your character is saying goodbye to someone. Who are they saying goodbye to? Why? Are they emotional? Are they going away or is the other person?

"I think that’s the last of it," Jay Eagle said to his brother. He shoved one more box into his trunk and slammed it shut. It was his last day living in Sioux Plains, but it was also his last day of living with Gray Mountain. The two lived together as kids and then on their own for the last seven and a half years. Since he was earning more money, Gray Mountain was going to remain in the two bedroom apartment by himself, until he found a woman like his little brother had.

"Pine Ridge isn’t that far, only 40 miles, I can visit," Gray Mountain said.

"Oh yeah, not even an hour away. You can see us on the weekends, it’ll be great."

"I’m still gonna miss you though," Gray Mountain admitted.

"Yeah, I’m gonna miss you too," Jay Eagle told him. "It was kinda fun being on our own. I liked it, I liked it a lot."

"Remember when we couldn’t pay the phone bill and we got a call from the company ‘cause they were gonna cut it off? And you said, joke’s on you. We’re Sioux, we got smoke signals, we don’t need no phone anyway."

"Yeah, I remember that," Jay Eagle laughed. "I was 17, I dunno what I was thinking. They thought it was funny, they gave us an extension."

"Hey, it’s getting kinda late," Gray Mountain said. "It’ll be close to 8 by the time you get to the rez. I don’t want Josephine thinking you’re skipping the first dinner she’s making for you."

"You’re right, I guess I better head off," Jay Eagle shrugged. He unlocked the door of his car and put his key in the ignition. As he let the old car warm up, his brother began to walk back to the apartment, but Jay Eagle called his name. Gray Mountain turned around, asking if he forgot something.

"Uh-huh," Jay Eagle nodded. He put his arms around his hefty sized big brother and patted him on the back. Gray Mountain was over 6 feet tall and 80 pounds heavier than Jay Eagle who was 5 foot nine and around 170.

"All right, you need to go," Gray Mountain chuckled. "Take care of yourself. Enjoy your new life as a married man."

"Thanks ciye," Jay Eagle said. "Thanks for taking care of me when no one else could. I appreciate it. I love you."

"I love you too, misun," Gray Mountain answered. It was the first time either of them had said the phrase. Jay Eagle loosened his grasp from his brother and took himself to his car. He drove past Gray Mountain one last time who was waving as he walked to the half empty apartment. Jay Eagle gave him a wave and turned left towards Highway 18. He reached Pine Ridge in 45 minutes and parked in front of his new home, seeing his new wife through the window, cooking dinner. He shut off the car, about to make his way inside. Instead, Jay Eagle stayed standing the porch, unable to turn his new house key.

"Oh honey," Josephine said when she opened the door. "I’m here for you."

"I know," Jay Eagle whispered. He covered his face to hide the rest of his tears.

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