Halloween Writing Challenge

I’ve been studying ALL DAY, so I’m taking a break to do what I love most. This scene contains the same characters from the previous Tumblr Writing Challege posts I made a few weeks ago.

Jay Eagle turned the trailer into a haunted sight by using pulled cotton balls for spiderwebs and pieces of dark cardboard as tombstones. His son Geronimo was too young to trick or treat or even chew on candy, so Jay Eagle brought Halloween fun to him instead.

"Nice haunted house," Josephine commented when she arrived home from work.

"What haunted house? It looks like this everyday," Jay Eagle answered as he put up the last spiderweb.

"So you’re giving out candy to the kids tonight?" she asked and put an arm around him.

"Yeah, I am. Gray Mountain’s coming over soon, we’re gonna get some at Sioux Nation. You stay here and look horrified, okay?"

"Sure, I’ll put on the same face I had when I married you," she winked.

Gray Mountain and Jay Eagle arrived at the trailer a little after sunset. The two men poured mini chocolates and gumballs into a large bowl and rubbed fake blood on their faces. Jay Eagle started to get thirsty and wanted to go inside to get some water, but the front door was locked.

"Don’t you have a key?" Gray Mountain asked.

"I left it inside," Jay Eagle remembered. "Hey! Josie! Open up, baby!"

The door swung open and there was Sequoia, his mother in law.

"AHHHH!" Jay Eagle shouted and put his hands on his cheeks. "It’s hideous!" Gray Mountain couldn’t help but laugh at his little brother’s stunt.

"I ain’t part of the haunted house!" Sequoia yelled.

"It talks too!" Jay Eagle screamed.

"Jay Eagle!" Josephine scolded when she came to the door. "And stop laughing, Gray Mountain! That wasn’t funny!"

At the end of the night, Geronimo fell asleep still in his homemade pumpkin costume. Jay Eagle was in the bathroom, trying to get the rest of the cheap fake blood off his face.

"You’re gonna give yourself a rash if you keep scraping your face like that," Josephine said.

"This damn blood, costs 59 cents for a reason," Jay Eagle muttered and pulled off another glop from his forehead. "By the way, I liked your costume."

"I didn’t dress up," she said, confused.

"Yeah you did," he replied. "You dressed up as the prettiest lady in the world. You just keep your costume on all year long."

"Oh, Jay Eagle," Josephine smiled. She put her toothbrush down and kissed his ‘bloody’ forehead.

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